Where deficiencies in products marketed to consumers are detected, the consumer may, within the warranty period or period of validity by lodging the complaint to the seller, claim, at his option:


- free removal of product deficiencies;

- Free replacement of the product inappropriately with a similar quality product;

- replacement with a product similar to another model;

- adequate reduction of the price of the wrong product;

-require the value of the wrong product;


How to replace good quality products


1. The consumer is entitled to require the seller to replace the non-food product with a similar one at the trade unit where it was purchased if the product did not match it by its shape, pattern, color, size, or could not be used as intended for other reasons.


2. The consumer is entitled to request replacement of the corresponding quality product within 14 calendar days, except for the date of purchase.

Replacement of the corresponding quality product is done if this product has not been used (retained its outer appearance, seals and labels), consumer properties.


3. If, at the time of the consumer's address, the business unit does not have a product similar to the one returned, the consumer is entitled to claim the refund of the amount paid for the product. In such cases, the buyer presents a cash receipt or other document confirming the purchase of the product together with the product sold, and the seller receives the product and repays the amount paid.


  Specific rules on replacement of products

for which no warranty period is set


1. The deadline for lodging complaints about defects in products for which no warranty is set is 30 days from the date of sale.

For seasonal products (footwear, clothing, fur products, etc.) purchased before the start of the respective season, the warranty period is calculated from the beginning of the corresponding season for the winter period from 1 October for the summer period of 1 April. Complaint is filed with the seller, who is obliged to receive it and to resolve it, if it is filed within this term.


2. The date of purchase of the product shall be determined on the basis of the consumer receipt or any other document confirming the purchase of the product or other means of establishing the date and place of purchase.


3. Consumer complaints shall be received only if they present, together with the product complained of, the elements necessary for identification on the label, packaging or printed on the product.


4. Complaints made and submitted within the time limit set out in paragraph 1 of these Rules for inappropriate products for which a warranty period is not set will be settled by the seller by immediately replacing defective products with other quality products or by refund their counter value.


5. Weaknesses for which measures to remove, replace or refund the counter value of products that are not subject to warranty:


Textile yarn and fabrics, bed linen, knitwear, textile garments

Non-uniform wires, unfixed; poor resistance of paint or prints; the inappropriateness of the synthetic and natural fiber content of the hygiene rules in force; discoloration by scouring or by friction; dimensional changes beyond permitted limits; loose seams or loose mesh, specific odor of chemicals that cause unpleasant sensations; allergic and irritating conditions.

Leather and fur garments

Inappropriate stitch resistance; inappropriately fixed dyeing; details with low tear strength; the specific smell of chemicals that cause unpleasant sensations; allergic and irritating conditions.

Leather goods

Defective metal closures and accessories or non-resilient coatings; dye migration; frames and support belts insufficiently reinforced.

Haberdashery, haberdashery

Non-uniform threads; low resistance to dyeing.

Textile household articles (blankets, towels, carpets, curtains, covers, rugs, decorative fabrics, tablecloths of polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl chloride sheets, textile packaging)

Low resistance to dyeing and friction; the specific smell of chemicals that cause unpleasant sensations; allergic and irritating conditions.

Games and toys

Inadequacy of labeling with the age of the children for whom they are intended; detachment of component parts; blocking of moving elements; improper operation of component devices; low resistance of paint to chemicals, welders, saliva; smell of chemicals.

Stationery and stationery

Missing sheets, double, inverted, unprinted or foreign; the unevenness of the track left on the paper; scratches, interruptions.

Glassware, porcelain and household ceramics

Decor or non-fixed luster.

Household articles (tin and cast iron household dishes, cutlery, knives, kitchen utensils)

Exfoliating coatings; inadequately consolidated accessories.

Lighting fixtures (chandeliers, lamps, lamps)

Damage occurring before the minimum operating time specified by the manufacturer. Interrupted internal electrical connections, non-resilient joints.

Sporting and leisure articles and equipment

Removal of component elements, exfoliation of the protective film, eccentricities, residual deformations.

Other materials and clothing for contact with the human body

The appearance of allergic and irritating states during the use of these objects, the specific odor of chemicals that cause unpleasant sensations.


L I S T 

products that can not be replaced by a similar product

    1. Knitted clothing and articles (underwear, bedding, stockings).

    3. Individual hygiene articles (toothbrushes, combs, clips, tweezers, tweezers, hand or electric razor and other body care products).

    4. Perfumery and cosmetics.

    5. Textiles (cotton and cotton fabrics, in and in, woolen and woolen type, silk and silk type, ribbons, ribbon, etc.).

    6. Cables (power lines, cables, cords).

    7. Products and materials in contact masses of foodstuffs, including jets (tableware and kitchenware, packaging, food storage and transport articles (cans, cans)

Return Procedure:

step 1: You fill out the return form with the reason at the headquarters of Chisinau, 28/2 Calea Iesilor Street
Step 2: We send the product to the Service Department, which will release the conclusion about the appearance and technical state of the product.
Step 3: We will inform you (by phone) about the outcome of your examination of the application and the conclusion of the Service department and, as the case may be, about the return of the value of the asset.

Step 4: If the refund is accepted, the customer will be able to receive the money in the following ways:

- if the merchandise was picked up from the showroom and the payment was cash, and you come to our headquarters to return the product, then you can get the money on the spot, cash.

- if the merchandise was picked up from the showroom and was paid with a bank card, the money is returned to the card with which the payment has been made.

- if the merchandise was picked up from the showroom and cash was paid, but you requested a courier return, the money is returned to a bank account. You must send a mail with the request and the reason for the return to: info@agm.md where to write your bank account and account holder name.

- if the payment was made online with the card and you requested a courier return, the money is returned to the same account from which you made the payment. You must send an email with the request and the reason for the return to: info@agm.md

- Cancellation of the order until its delivery is made by mail info@agm.md or hotline 022 800 871. The money transferred or paid with the card will be returned to the same account from which the payment was made

It should be noted that if the amount is returned to the bank account where the payment was made, the account could be debited with a delay that may vary by bank (between 2 and 5 business days).

Backfilled and return terms do not include other services (such as gift wrapping).

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